The 2011 Vancouver Park Board budget planned for Emery Barnes Park to extend to occupy the entire block.

Page 2 of the budget’s Appendix 2 contains a table summarizing the planned Phase III as the completion of Emery Barnes Park, as shown below.
Park Board Capital Budget 2011(FINAL) - Emery Barnes Park


This table is reproduced verbatim below for easier reading:

Program/ Project Budget Actual Balance Projected Surplus (Deficit) Completed
To Be Completed
Emery Barnes Park-Phase 2 DCL 5,500,000 2,762,787 2,737,213 1,800,000 33% Phase 2 of park is 90% complete These funds will be used for Phase 3 of Emery Barnes Park, which is the demolition of final buildings on the park site and conversion into a park. Any surplus will be returned to the DCL reserve to be used for the next downtown park.


As this table from the 2011 Park Board budget shows, a surplus of funds was expected to be left over after the completion of Phase III, to help build even more parks downtown.

The City acknowledges that it is well behind on its own targets for downtown parkland.

The entire 2011 Park Board budget can be downloaded as copied from the City webiste at CapitalBudget2011FINAL.