Our Story

Emery Barnes Park is under attack. A mega-tower is about to be built right on this block!

Rendering of Mega Tower on Emery Barnes ParkThe park, situated at the centre of New Yaletown, serves as the hub of our community. The city-owned land at the northeast corner of the park is currently the site of Jubilee House social housing. The City had plans and budget in place to extend the park to occupy the entire block.

Now a developer’s plans for a 36 storey mega-tower have been approved by the city, in violation of several of the city’s own bylaws.

The approved development, if built, will be the densest residential building in the city. The tower massively exceeds neighbourhood plan bylaws:

  • over 4.5 times as tall as allowed in the Downtown Official Development Plan,
  • over 5.5 times as dense, and
  • twice as close to the sidewalks and lanes as is required by law.

The tower was approved via a series of process violations against City bylaws, and in disregard of overwhelming neighbourhood opposition.

The Community Association of New Yaletown is fighting for our park.  Please help!

Please sign our petition, donate to our cause and share with your friends and neighbours.

Please join our Association.  Join CANY by sending us an email at info@yaletown.ca.