Stop Work Order - 1077/1099 Richards St.

Stop Work Order – 1077/1099 Richards St.

Two days after the Jan 27, 2015 landmark B.C. Supreme Court ruling striking down the land swap deal in New Yaletown, the City of Vancouver finally got around to issuing a Stop Work Order. The judge’s ruling quashed the rezoning and the development permit for the site at 1077/1099 Richards St, requiring construction to halt immediately.

Within an hour of the Jan 27 ruling, CANY members called City staff to issue a Stop Work Order. Multiple subsequent calls by several CANY members and others on the following days were required before the City took eventual action.

The Stop Work Order was issued Jan 29, and allows work to continue until Friday, Jan 30, at 5pm to make the site safe and secure.

Why was the City so slow to act? Why did developer Brenhill not take action to halt work immediately upon receiving the judge’s ruling, rather than wait until ordered by the City?