A proposed downtown tower on the east side of Emery Barnes park was the final straw for a group of planners and academics who wrote an open letter expressing concern about the future planning direction in the city (GBL Architects); the former top city planner, Brian Jackson.

This town is a lonely town
Not the only town like this town
This town is a make-you town
Or a break-you-town and bring-you-down town

Someone should bottle a new barbecue sauce to accompany the burnt offerings of Brian Jackson’s flame-broiled reputation, which is about all that’s left after the City of Vancouver served up the juicy announcement of his retirement on a tranquil summer Sunday last week. They could call it Vancouverism, best served with sacrificial lamb.

Jackson was trapped in an impossible position, from which every apparent exit was an illusion. Except the one he finally took.

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