No. We chose to live in a mixed-income neighbourhood that is 20% low income. We chose a neighbourhood that, compared with most other parts of the city, has a relatively high percentage of social housing. We live here because we value the diversity.

The mega-tower at 508 Helmcken contains no social housing. None. As a 100% market-rate building, built for profit, it does not merit any increase in density beyond what is allowed by law. Yet this building is over 5.5 times as dense as City bylaws allow.

The 1099 Richards building replaces only the 87 units of social housing in the Jubilee House. The remaining 75 units will provide housing to individuals at low-end of market rents. The development application admits that those 75 units will likely host a range of levels of income, yet it repeatedly falsely refers to these small apartments to be rented at market rates as “social housing”. This is a direct attempt to mislead the public that more social housing is being built at the 1099 Richards site.

The complete 1099 Richards application can be seen at 1099_Richards_Street_dpb_complete_application_2013_08_12

We’re not against social housing. We’re against the size and density of a building that massively exceeds neighbourhood plan bylaws. We’re against a new tower on City-owned land that had been planned and budgeted to be part of our park. And we’re against an City process that withheld, distorted and hid important information from the public, preventing informed discussion and decision-making.