Constance Barnes Campaign Launch for Vancouver Centre

Constance Barnes was at Emery Barnes Park today launching her campaign to become the next Member of Parliament for Vancouver Centre. Members of CANY were also on site to raise awareness to the public and Constance about what is going on at the park and in the neighbourhood. Constance is advocating for affordable housing and daycare. The 508 Helmcken project is 100% for profit and will host a private daycare on city-owned land. Please sign the petition and donate to our cause.


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Amended Legal Petition Filed in BC Supreme Court

Here is the amended legal Petition filed July 3, 2014 with the Supreme Court of British Columbia by the Community Association of New Yaletown.

Download Amended Petition Filed July 3, 2014. (PDF, 5.3 MB)

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Happy Canada Day!

“I am a Canadian citizen and have no regrets. Over the years I have come to realize that prejudice is not limited to the USA. There are different kinds of people in all societies. None is perfect. I am less quick to condemn anyone and have probably mellowed a bit. With age and experience I have come to believe that we are the architects of our own destiny. I am more interested in the evolution of society and of my situation as an individual than in blaming any group or any society for all the evils on earth.” [1987 Interview with Barnes]

We are the architects of our own destiny. Let’s build a better and livable Vancouver. Happy Canada Day!

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The Gathering Festival at Emery Barnes Park

Residents are out today enjoying the weather for the Gathering Festival. This park serves as a hub for the New Yaletown community, and makes it livable. We call upon residents to check out the event, sign our petition asking the City of Vancouver to put the community ahead of developers and donate to our cause as we challenge them this summer to do the right thing.




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Who’s Winning? Not Local Residents

An interesting article was published by CityHallWatch about who’s winning when the our City Council approves these massive developments on public land (i.e. the City of Vancouver).  The proposed 52-storey “Vancouver House” luxury residential tower is being largely marketed at wealthy overseas buyers while local residents are finding the city to be unaffordable.  We need a City Council that works in the interest of local residents – more affordable housing, more green space and a more livable city.  Please sign our petition to save Emery Barnes Park from another massive development that adds no value for local residents.  Let’s take a stand on this issue and the other issues being fought in other Vancouver neighbourhoods.





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